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Deep Electric Avalon Park services all of Avalon Park Florida and surrounding areas.  As an Electrical and Lighting Service Repair Company, we provide excellent electrical repair services throughout Avalon Park and Central Florida. Our company offers a 24 hour service and can repair and maintain your electrical system needs even in emergency situations.


We Service Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Churches, Banks, Hotels, Motels, resorts, Convenient Stores, Schools, Factories, Condominiums, Apartments and many more etc… We provide Electrical installations, Maintenance or repairs on Electric water heaters, Electrical heating, Air Conditioning, Electric Dryers, Microwaves, Electric Ovens, Electric Range, Receptacle outlets, Light Switches, Circuit Breakers, Electric Boxes, meter cans, fuses and many more.


Call us now for a free estimate at 407-559-8968.